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Open Source File Synchronization
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FreeFileSync strives to provide high-quality software with zero open bugs. This is achieved by fast release cycles and free 24/7 support for everyone.
If you find FreeFileSync useful, please consider to support the project by donating.
Your donation will support the development of new features and help to keep up a continuous program maintenance. This ensures that FreeFileSync quickly adapts and always provides for the best performance in a constantly changing hard- and software landscape.
Donate and get the FreeFileSync Donation Edition with bonus features:
ad-free installation
portable zip package

To donate via credit card or debit note without creating a PayPal account, execute the following steps:

  1. Open the PayPal donation page and enter an amount.
  2. On the next page select Pay with Debit or Credit Card:
    Donate as PayPal guest
  3. On the checkout page enter your payment details and
    select No, I don't want an account now:
    Donate as PayPal guest
  4. Note to German supporters: PayPal discontinued Guest Checkout and requires everyone to set up a PayPal account. (2016-11-18)

    As an alternative you are welcome to donate directly via Credit Card or SOFORT Überweisung.

Latest Changes

FreeFileSync 9.1
Fixed crash when getting invalid data after item type check
Fixed copying symlinks pointing to network folders
Support resolving network paths in the NT namespace
Support FTP servers with broken MLST command (Pure-FTPd)
Fixed FTP access error on file names containing special chars
Include raw FTP server response in error message
Quickly check server connection using a single FEAT
Don't change working directory when sending a single FTP command
Support FTP Unix listings missing group name
Support RFC-2640-non-compliant FTP servers having UTF8 disabled
Support FTP servers returning non-routable IP in PASV response
Support IPv6 when establishing FTP connections
Start external application keyboard shortcuts with zero