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FreeFileSync is a free Open Source software that helps you synchronize files and synchronize folders for Windows, Linux and macOS. It is designed to save your time setting up and running data backups while having nice visual feedback along the way.
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FreeFileSync 9.1

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24 May 2017: FreeFileSync 9.1 has been released!


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User Reviews

Thumbs up Harikumar reviewed FreeFileSync:

Just started using FFS: Majestic software for backup. I promise to donate after a few months of use. I was using Microsoft SyncToy which MS never tried to improve. Kudos FFS Team.

Thumbs up rahulnischal reviewed FreeFileSync:

This is really a wonderful product developed with a specific purpose and does that job brilliantly. I love this for taking a one time backup. This is what I have used so far.

Thumbs up Happy User reviewed FreeFileSync:

This is a great software for free. It works so good and it comes with no junk.

Thumbs up Anonymous reviewed FreeFileSync:

Great for differential backup using synchronization. :)
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Thumbs up altex reviewed FreeFileSync:

Really replaces rsync for windows.

Thumbs up eahm reviewed FreeFileSync:

One of the best, if not THE best. Very powerful and fully customizable through scripts. Thanks for creating it and making it free and open source.

Thumbs up Stratos reviewed FreeFileSync:

Just perfect for syncing local and/or network drives. Best free tool I have ever found. I run it on Debian (how about packaging it in .deb?) and in windows portable versions. Congrats to the team and thank you.

Thumbs up farcodev reviewed FreeFileSync:

Faster than commercial alternatives. Perfect to make backup and update SVN repositories.

Thumbs up oid-3857101 reviewed FreeFileSync:

This program is excellent. I have been using it between 2 computers for 3 weeks and no issues. I was using SyncToy for a few years with few problems, but recently SyncToy began to delete the newer files, some of which I spent hours writing. Thankfully I found FreeFileSync and it is working perfectly.

Thumbs up liran1 reviewed FreeFileSync:

From my experience until now, it is a great and simple backup software. Great performance, analysis, scan, progress bar and graph, great comparison, flexible so you can configure multiple folders and multiple actions. Nice UI. Does the job as it should.

Thumbs up staminino reviewed FreeFileSync:

Outstanding program. And it's free!! I have used this program for about 3-4 years now. And it is simply amazing. I had been looking for a program like this for years. The one I used to have was ViceVersa, until it became too expensive. It basically mirrors my important folders over to my NAS (Sylonogy and D-Link). It does such a great job showing exactly what is going to change (delete/add/modify). It's so simple to use, but also customizable. You can change the behaviour of individual files. Simply the best. Zenju did such a good job creating this. Thank you!

Thumbs up Colin reviewed FreeFileSync:

Kudos to the developers. Just works 100% of the time. Long-time fan and appreciative user.

Thumbs up MIKE reviewed FreeFileSync:

Love this product. I use it to keep a backup list of all my files. Quick, easy to use, with some fantastic features. If you need to keep folders synced, this is the product to use.

Thumbs up rogerturner2 reviewed FreeFileSync:

This is a brilliant piece of software. It is simple to set up and easy to use. I have been using it for a few months now and it has never crashed. I use it to sync to my Dropbox via BoxCryptor encryption. I don't completely trust auto syncing software, so this is a great alternative. It allows you to keep your original files on your computer, and also save separate back up files on your external drive or Dropbox etc. Well done guys!

Thumbs up Chris Bosch reviewed FreeFileSync:

I have been searching (for a long time up to about 2 years ago when I found FreeFileSync) for a utility that does this, even contemplated creating my own. FreeFileSync is a one stop solution that does it all, and does it the way I expect it to. And its versatile and user friendly enough to compare files produced by the engineering tools I use. I've even used it to check disk transfer speed in real life scenarios, works like an absolute charm.
It really became a tool I use extremely often, it's one of my must have's like 7zip. It beats "Unison" hands down for user friendliness and speed to install and get on systems. It beats the tool "Beyond Compare" hands down because it's open source and freely available, but I have to say, I'd love the "Beyond Compare" capabilities, but I cannot justify its cost. FFS does enough for me that I can do without it.

Thumbs up nw0001 reviewed FreeFileSync:

The most amazing and useful piece of software I have. Particularly the versioning feature, which allows me to perform my backups with file history in a more useful manner than general backup software. It works well and is well designed.

Thumbs up weathercontrol reviewed FreeFileSync:

After successful tests, i permanently installed the program with 6 TB of data exchanged between 2 x 3 hard disks (12 TB total) and it since works reliable and fast. It's even better than the best commercially available software, so there goes a big THANK YOU to the fantastic programmers and the GNU open source community & last but not least to sourceforge!!

Thumbs up Patrick B reviewed FreeFileSync:

A good sync tool needs reliability, batch capability, a compare-only mode, and configurable rules for dealing with different out-of-sync cases. FreeFileSync has all of those and a straightforward user interface as well. I really can't think what I would add. Congratulations to the development team!

Thumbs up godlymusic reviewed FreeFileSync:

Excellent, efficient tool for manual backup and folder mirroring. No persistent services. Does what it promises and is updated frequently. Takes advantage of multicore now. A big thanks to the developers.

Thumbs up oid-3813974 reviewed FreeFileSync:

I wanted to synchronise a Windows 7 64-bit Notebook, an iMac (Lion) with Samba enabled. I have a lot of data to synchronise, about 150 GB and 200,000 files. I've tried SyncToy from Microsoft, Windows 7 built-in synchronisation center, AlwaySync, Syncback, SkyDrive, and so on... Each of those tools took VERY long in the good case, or hanged in the bad case :-(
And I tried FreeFileSync: It does exactly that I wanted to do, and it is really very fast. It scans my 200,000 files in only 2.5 minutes!!! So I'm VERY happy with FreeFileSync.

Thumbs up executerror reviewed FreeFileSync:

Best out of all 5 sync programs I've tried, both commercial (Goodsync, AllwaySync) and non-commercial (SyncBack, SyncToy). Don't waste your time trying other "commercial" ones. THIS IS THE BEST.

Thumbs up oid-3474008 reviewed FreeFileSync:

I have used a lot of sync tools. I am sure FreeFileSync is one of the best tools available in the market out there. Above all it is free!! Thanks a lot to the dev team for contributing such a wonderful product.

Thumbs up geek-man reviewed FreeFileSync:

Was using Unison, but there weren't many updates and it doesn't support x64. FreeFileSync is very simple to use! Also it is much faster than Unison! I recommend it!

Thumbs up Umberto reviewed FreeFileSync:

I've been using FreeFileSync for two years and it is great. I donated through PayPal :-)

Thumbs up carlcobb reviewed FreeFileSync:

Fast and easy to use. Allows me to sync selected directories between laptop and desktop quickly and accurately. Options include sync, two-way update, and clone. Works with Win 8.1, 7, and XP.

Thumbs up Sundesh reviewed FreeFileSync:

Works like a charm to sync my laptop with my external disk and my home NAS. I will not use anything else!

Thumbs up marvindl reviewed FreeFileSync:

The best of the best...

Thumbs up bunnybat reviewed FreeFileSync:

A wonderful tool! Peerless! Tons of thanks to its maker...

Thumbs up Danurica reviewed FreeFileSync:

The best sync util I've found. I am using it since version 3. It is the easiest way to keep a complete synced mirror from my laptop to my desktop user's folder. Highly recommended!!! A++++

Thumbs up isastronomer reviewed FreeFileSync:

This app is great! Easy, intuitive backup and synchronisation between different folders or devices. And it gets better: It is cross platform, so I can use in Win, Linux or Mac! Thanks for the development and maintenance of this app! Keep up the good job!

Thumbs up Raymond Cheung reviewed FreeFileSync:

This is the best file copy and sync program which I have ever used. Well done!

Thumbs up mcfex reviewed FreeFileSync:

Thank you for this awesome sync software. I tried a lot - free as well as pricey alternatives, but when I finally found this I knew my search had come to an end :)! It has an easy and intuitive UI and all the features you would want from a sync tool! Funny how free stuff beats the commercial versions again and again...

Thumbs up TakeNapEveryday reviewed FreeFileSync:

Far better than other sync tools for my needs. I was looking for something to backup new and updated games from my Steam library (over 200GB) to an external drive so I can uninstall games to free up space and not have to waste bandwidth re-downloading if I want to play them again.

With FreeFileSync, the scan/comparison results are presented well with lots of statistics, there are buttons to filter the results view with a single click, and I can exclude folders in the right-click context menu (sub-folders are not expanded automatically). The interface is kept simple by having certain elements context-based - buttons that don't have any use to your current task/step in the sync process are hidden. I accomplished what I was trying to do quickly and didn't need to refer to the help file.

The previous sync tools I had negative experiences with were DirSync Pro (too complicated) and Microsoft SyncToy (not complicated enough to be useful).

Thumbs up Olivia Stevens reviewed FreeFileSync:

Great software. Requires a bit of time to set up if you want to use real-time sync, but it's fast and easy. I'm using it to copy files to and from my portable hard disk so I can work at them both at home and at work and it works flawlessly.

Thumbs up orangereaper reviewed FreeFileSync:

This program is outstanding. Very easy to use and setup. Reliable. Does what it says on the tin!

Thumbs up wabassoap reviewed FreeFileSync:

The best file backup and sync software I have used for far. It's quick and easy to use. Please keep this software portable as that is one of its greatest assets. I use it to synchronize between multiple computers, drives, and operating systems seamlessly. Having a dual OS has never been easier. Thank you!

Thumbs up Kevin Parks reviewed FreeFileSync:

I used Richcopy to copy terabytes of data from one set of drives to another. Then I found this tool and found that Richcopy didn't copy thousands of files. FreeFileSync found the missing files and copied them over for me fast and pain-free. Thanks!!!

Thumbs up anonymous reviewed FreeFileSync:

This is ***THE BEST*** It managed all of my 80,000 files in 489 directories: No problem!! I have tried at least 10 different sync tools in the past 10 years. This is wonderful. It is a 'good looking' friend of rsync!

Thumbs up infinum reviewed FreeFileSync:

Absolute best. I wish I could point to some issues but I can not think of any major flaws. One minor is that there is no ability to choose the installation language and so it forces an auto-detected language but that is all. Great app.

Thumbs up Mark reviewed FreeFileSync:

Moved from SyncToy to FFS - much better, faster, less problems. Thank you.

Thumbs up Gary reviewed FreeFileSync:

Very good app. Helps me sync between PCs and portable hard drives. The best backup app I've used. Best of all, it's free!

Thumbs up chinnboy m. reviewed FreeFileSync:

I got a similar app from PC Magazine a few years ago. I never really figured out how to use it. I tried to start it up and it would not load for reasons unknown. I googled just in case I might stumble across... THIS! It did precisely what I wanted to do. I figured out how to operate it pretty darned quick, which is a testament as I'm gettin' old and am not as fast on the uptake as I once was.

Thumbs up Winson Cheung reviewed FreeFileSync:

FreeFileSync is truly a fantastic program and it is portable too. I have installed it on an USB stick. I had been using Syncback for over 5 years. I found that FreeFileSync is the only open source freeware that can match the paid version of Syncback software in terms of speed in handling folders with huge number of files (up to 30Gb). It runs perfectly in Windows XP SP2. Its web site says FreeFileSync can run in Linux as well. Many thanks to the author Mr. Zenju. I am sure this software will in time become an extremely popular download.

Thumbs up jeffplemons reviewed FreeFileSync:

What a simple yet incredibly helpful and powerful program! The user interface is flexible enough to house lots of things or to be very simple and sleek - and it performs binary comparisons! Cheers for a job well done!

Thumbs up Adrian Toth reviewed FreeFileSync:

Excellent! Fast, easy-to-use, multi-platform and free: the best file sync tool, that I have ever used.

Thumbs up Tiago reviewed FreeFileSync:

Simply the best synchronization program. Already use it for more than 3 years and never had any problems. Congratulations to the developers!

Thumbs up guillaumecombot reviewed FreeFileSync:

Thank you for your amazing work!

Thumbs up andycivil reviewed FreeFileSync:

I love the simplicity of this. Other programs compress and bundle which is unnecessary and obfuscating. This program is actually easier and simpler than copying folders by hand, because once you've set up your paths and saved them in profiles, you just choose the profile. If you put a little effort in at the beginning working out what needs to be backed up, then the existence of the profile in the list reminds you that you need to do a backup of it.

Thumbs up oskar101 reviewed FreeFileSync:

Really love this program and have been using it under Windows a lot. Now have an iMac and was really missing this program, so I am very happy to see that there is now also a MAC version. Thank you very much.

Thumbs up Andy reviewed FreeFileSync:

Definitively the best sync program available. I've tried multiple others, even commercial ones. No comparison to this one!

Thumbs up Caspar Schutte reviewed FreeFileSync:

I've been using this utility for more than a year now and still recommend it!

Thumbs up Simon reviewed FreeFileSync:

Excellent sync software; replaced SyncToy with this when I realised that SyncToy had gradually wiped rather than backed up my files. Works well; can't believe how much quicker it is!

Thumbs up HiuahiuahiuA reviewed FreeFileSync:

Better than SyncToy. It's my favorite now!

Thumbs up OpenID User reviewed FreeFileSync:

I've been using this tool for a while now and it's simply awesome. Former SyncToy user. Best way to keep a Dropbox style of sync with my external drives. I also dig the new look. Very stylish.

Thumbs up Elvedin reviewed FreeFileSync:

Great app and very useful tool. Bug-free. Intuitive. Has everything you can imagine for file synchronization. Copy. Backup. Compare...

Thumbs up doru001 reviewed FreeFileSync:

Saved my life. Now it takes me 30 sec instead of 45 min to update my 8000 files / 4 GB on LAN. I learned it in 30 sec. Simple and reliable.

Thumbs up abeali reviewed FreeFileSync:

Excellent utility for synchronizing two hard drives and/or important directories! Easy to use and fairly intuitive. Short learning curve. For the reviewer looking for "Help" resources, it is right there on the top left of the screen next to the Tools tab. Program is fairly documented in the "Content" selection.

Thumbs up odj1964 reviewed FreeFileSync:

After the death of my home's NAS I was in big trouble... But now, thanks to FreeFileSync, I have all my data saved in a so easy way that I am not looking for another NAS. A couple of external cheap hard disks are enough!! (and FreeFileSync, of course) :-) I am sharing my experience through my international contacts. Hoping to find more supporters for your GREAT work. Thanks for all.

Thumbs up David C. Menges reviewed FreeFileSync:

The best of all I tried (Synctoy, Robocopy, etc.) for backing up 50 laptops to a server. Simple config, nice features: versioning, omitting select folders (like /AppData), daily logs for checking health. Easily automated using Windows Task Scheduler. Support is excellent, better than I've ever seen from anyone!

Thumbs up darwin m. reviewed FreeFileSync:

OMG!! This is the GREATEST file synchronization tool I've used. I'm an Ubuntu user/admin for 3 years now and after testing FreeFileSync, I'll stick to it. I think FreeFileSync deserves to be in Canonical's repositories.

Thumbs up M. Del Gatto reviewed FreeFileSync:

I've tried many different programs for file synchronization. I stopped when I started using FreeFileSync. Thank you for developing such a superb and super-useful program. I am recommending it whenever I have a chance. Keep up the already-very-good work. Cheers.

Thumbs up mutancik reviewed FreeFileSync:

It is the ideal application to synchronize my files between two computers and one file server. I was testing before a few other solutions, but FreeFileSync is the best of the best!! Thank you for this project! Best regards.

Thumbs up piterdias reviewed FreeFileSync:

It is very easy and works over network, local drives and external ones. A must-have if you use more than a computer and huge files make cloud drives an unfeasible option.

Thumbs up ،ثثس reviewed FreeFileSync:

For the longest time I was looking for a simple straightforward synchronization program to make weekly backups. Finally I found it. Thank you guys for making this sublime program available for free.

Thumbs up akya reviewed FreeFileSync:

Probably the best open source software that I have ever encountered. :) Keep up the good work!

Thumbs up webheaded reviewed FreeFileSync:

Does pretty much everything I need to do better than MS Synctoy. I had started off with Synctoy hearing good things until I found out it won't copy files that are in use. Now I'm using FreeFileSync to sync my XBMC database from my media center to my regular PC. It works like a charm. I also use it to keep my music synced across 2 computers (I like having it in both places) as well as my Portable Apps. It reads the changes ridiculously quick, copies files in use, and the interface stays relatively responsive.

Thumbs up patricknbowman reviewed FreeFileSync:

Excellent product! Backing up my digital photo collection is trivial, even as I move folders around, change photo ratings, etc.

Thumbs up Erin R. reviewed FreeFileSync:

Great program! Easy to use, transparent, and does a great job syncing files.

Thumbs up lechuan reviewed FreeFileSync:

After wasting $40+ dollars on a competitor's product, I tried out freefilesync. FreefileSync was able to compare hundreds of thousands of files (NAS->NAS) in 10 minutes, which was taking the competitor's product over 3 hours. I ended up deleting the competitor's product and relying on FreeFileSync. Awesome, awesome backup program.

Thumbs up Rayborn reviewed FreeFileSync:

One of the greatest little housekeeping gadgets around. Great work, thank you!

Thumbs up Matthew T reviewed FreeFileSync:

Really solid utility. Fantastic features, easy to use, fast and reliable. From a former user of SyncToy.

Thumbs up Excellent reviewed FreeFileSync:

Saved my life in the most critical times... Recommended to everyone.

Thumbs up asapdata reviewed FreeFileSync:

FreeFileSync is an impeccable program that we recommend to each and every one of our customers for backing up their data.

Thumbs up zenphic reviewed FreeFileSync:

Fast, easy and reliable. A great tool to keep two (or more) folders synchronized (even when changes have been done on both sides since the last synchronization). Excluding certain files or folders from synchronizing is quick and painless.

The application will warn you when too much has changed in the folder contents since the last sync. It supports batch jobs. I personally use this software to backup my personal files onto an external hard drive. It works great through my home network too. Without a doubt, I prefer FreeFileSync over Synctoy and SyncBack. Thank goodness for FreeFileSync!

Thumbs up allijeanbean reviewed FreeFileSync:

I have found the sorcerer's stone and it is FreeFileSync.

Thumbs up estogram reviewed FreeFileSync:

Very intuitive, and because of its flexibility it's possible to have portable backups since it can backup to a relative file path. Then you won't need to change destination path when you move the backup folder.

Thumbs up tsreyb reviewed FreeFileSync:

Wow! FreeFileSync is the best backup tool I've ever used! I've bounced back and forth between many tools over the years, and this one is so much simpler (without sacrificing functionality) in so many ways. The backup process is quick and reliable.

Thumbs up rgadawg reviewed FreeFileSync:

I've been looking for a tool like this for about 3 years, when my most favorite directory sync tool stopped development, short of Windows XP. GREAT work on this. Clean, efficient, simple dir comparison or sync. Run it and it shows you what's out of sync, without all of the complicated configurations, etc. that other dir sync tools have. Thanks.

Thumbs up Pe Klak reviewed FreeFileSync:

Works perfectly on Mac!!! :-)

Thumbs up Samuel K. reviewed FreeFileSync:

Just had to say that FreeFileSync is really great. It's like the best and simplest out of all sync programs and I have tried quite a few, including famous ones. Thank you very much for your time and effort creating this software for the common good. ^_^ I hope you live a long and happy life.

Thumbs up Auke reviewed FreeFileSync:

Works beautifully in multi-platform (Ubuntu Linux, Windows, Mac) environments.

Thumbs up kjen33 reviewed FreeFileSync:

Thanks for your work to date on this project and your phenomenally fast responses to bug submissions. I think this is a great piece of software and will only get better with your enthusiasm. I was so impressed that I was happy to make a small donation. Keep up the good work :-)

Thumbs up christopheperus reviewed FreeFileSync:

I've tried many other free software titles but this one beats them all! Simple, easy and fast!

Thumbs up Link Liu reviewed FreeFileSync:

Excellent software! I love it!

Thumbs up E. L. Faure reviewed FreeFileSync:

Thanks so much for Free File Sync (FFS)!!! Following problem has haunted me for years: Now that I have a 64-bit Win7 Pro OS that supports UNC paths up to 32K I thought the problem would be automatically resolved. But no, the dreaded 260 character path limit was STILL HAUNTING ME DAILY.

I have tried UNC paths, \?\ trick, SyncToy, Robocopy, Robomirror, Richcopy, and the MS Hotfix for long paths. Nothing worked, all failed for my needs. Then I found FFS. And it just works. I will donate at a later date.

Thumbs up anthonysan reviewed FreeFileSync:

Awesome!! I have been looking for an application like this for months!! Finally I found something that can efficiently manage all my folders (photos, music, text files, applications, etc.) which I am constantly editing and for which I need to create backups for on my laptop, ipad, 2 external hard drives and virtual hard drives such as icloud, dropbox, google drive, one drive etc.
This software is simple and easy to use, has important necessary features and best of all is quick for syncing between all these devices. Highly recommended!

Thumbs up blues12 reviewed FreeFileSync:

Lots of really useful small details: The right mouse click on gear icons and grid rows, the quick selection change via overview window and space bar, copy and paste of filters and much more.

Thumbs up DG reviewed FreeFileSync:

Favourite tool I have used. Thanks so much. Makes keeping my USB stick and google drive in perfect sync.

Thumbs up kissaki reviewed FreeFileSync:

Great application for all your file/folder comparison and synchronisation needs. Allows you to add multiple, specific source and target folders and use filters to exclude and include specific files and/or sub-paths.

The generation of a batch script allows you to automate the synchronisation, which you set up in the GUI. It can then run regularly and in the background.

The synchronisation dialogue is beautiful, showing you the speed at which it happens. Display filters allow you to grasp the changes, and preview stats allow you to see the quantity of changes before-hand (so you don't make a mistake, moving the wrong way around for example).

Thumbs up Marios (GR) reviewed FreeFileSync:

Most useful application. During all these years that I've been using it, it has gotten better and better.

Thumbs up MajorG reviewed FreeFileSync:

Simply the best file sync software and also free backup software: No feature bloat, no bugs, does what it's supposed to blazingly FAST!

Thumbs up gaetan reviewed FreeFileSync:

The file filter specification (inclusion and exclusion) brings incredible power to this free software. Thanks for showing us that free can be (much) better than paid software.

Thumbs up Christian Vogel reviewed FreeFileSync:

With around 2 million files to compare/mirror, a lot of other tools run into problems with memory, long paths or performance (especially 32-bit tools, when the memory needed to represent the internal file lists exceeds the 2GB process memory limit).

FreeFileSync not only uses a lot less memory for large numbers of files but also provides a native 64bit build, eliminating any possible memory problems with large numbers of files (unless you run out of physical memory).

It also supports long paths, does the file listing in multiple threads (one thread per drive AFAIK) and has just the right amount of configuration options needed to achieve everything without bloating the UI with too many options.

Just started using it today, but I'm really impressed already.

Thumbs up nicolaes reviewed FreeFileSync:

Best tool I've used for keeping in sync between home, office and abroad. Thanks!!!

Thumbs up Sam Gerber reviewed FreeFileSync:

I've used Microsoft's SyncToy for years and thought it was the best of what was available ... that is, until I started using FreeFileSync. There's no comparison in terms of all the things that are important: ease of use, performance, flexibility.

Thumbs up dtshudy reviewed FreeFileSync:

This tool is a really nice application. I've tried countless sync tools, both free and paid. This is the one I've chosen to use. It works great in both Windows and Linux. Many many thanks to the developer(s). I know how much time and energy it takes to code and maintain something like this. I appreciate it. Keep up the great work.

Thumbs up joqqy reviewed FreeFileSync:

Best file sync software I have ever used. I used to run SyncToy 64-bit version, but after running into problems and being unable to fix them (as my file count went up) I decided to try FreeFileSync. To this date, I have not experienced a single problem, not even a hickup. One directory contains over 10 million files, and it runs through with ease.

Thumbs up Anthony reviewed FreeFileSync:

I think your FreeFileSync application is pretty awesome. I've only recently discovered it as I was looking for a good sync program to use on iMac/OSX Yosemite and found some reviews for it.

Previously I've been using FolderMatch v3.7.0 for PC but it's quite old now and doesn't seem to get much in the way of support/updates. Anyway, since I started using FreeFileSync on my Windows 10 PC and iMac I've been really pleased by the ease of use, performance and features. Really great job!

Given the above I've just donated £10 via PayPal so it should be with you soon. Honestly, I can't remember ever donating to free-ware before but I'm so impressed with FreeFileSync I felt it would be wrong not too!

Thumbs up Peri reviewed FreeFileSync:

Awesome and reliable sync software you can count on. I've been using it for more than 3 years now. Best I have used so far for syncing.

Thumbs up wchang778 reviewed FreeFileSync:

One of the best sync programs I've found for Windows and Ubuntu. This software has a streamlined interface that allows access to the most frequently used features quickly. But also allows many advanced tweaks like what to do with deleted files etc. The program is fully featured yet not bloated. I've used it for about 3 years and really haven't found anything else this well written. Keep up the good work! Love it!

Thumbs up the-nightowl reviewed FreeFileSync:

Maybe the best synchronisation program you can get: it's fast and intuitive, relatively easy to learn, and, most important, very reliable.

Thumbs up Theo reviewed FreeFileSync:

Awesome scalable tool!!!!! This is the only tool I know which can compare and sync 2 directories with more than 11,000,000 files, and not die while syncing. It took my server a couple of days to sync those monster directories, but hey ... I'm happy! - Theo Ekelmans Ordina Datacentre services.

Thumbs up adimare reviewed FreeFileSync:

This is one of those tools you cannot live without. I use FreeFileSync at least twice a day, to update the full backup I keep in a USB stick. Every month I also mirror my work files into a removable USB-2 drive. Once I waited for 3 months to update into my second removable drive and I had to wait for only 25 minutes, even though I had changed a lot of songs and videos. Moreover, my USB stick backups take no more than 3 minutes for a full day of work.
The creator of FreeFileSync was kind enough to respond to some suggestions I made, but it's hard to think on improving this program because it is already great!

Thumbs up Uday Krishna reviewed FreeFileSync:

Surely the best sync application currently including paid ones. Simply the best and works flawlessly. Meets the requirements of people who have to work on multiple systems.

Thumbs up amaygeoz reviewed FreeFileSync:

Excellent, works perfectly between my MAC and my corporate server based on a Microsoft environment. The only "bad" point that I see, is the usage of Realtimesync, a tool to automatize the synchronization when a folder becomes available. It's not fully explained how to manage more than one directory!

Thumbs up John G. reviewed FreeFileSync:

I have just discovered your wonderful FreeFileSync software. For years I've been using ViceVersa which runs on Windows. Now I have moved everything to Linux, and searched for a ViceVersa replacement in vain. But the discovery of FreeFileSync changed everything. It's BETTER than ViceVersa!! Out goes ViceVersa and I have yet another native Linux app.

Thumbs up rusnetrus reviewed FreeFileSync:

Super software! After 3 years of use I have only good impressions! Thanks and good luck!

Thumbs up David (UK) reviewed FreeFileSync:

One of the most useful free applications I have come across and one I use regularly. Keep up the good work. I know how much more difficult my life would be without FreeFileSync.

Thumbs up jashale reviewed FreeFileSync:

This is a really well done piece of software. The GUI is intuitive. It is fast. The file transfers are fast. I am really impressed with this tool.

Thumbs up Nico Gotin reviewed FreeFileSync:

Excellent program! Very intuitive and streamlined operation. Has all the file synchronization features I need and then some.

Thumbs up deibiddo reviewed FreeFileSync:

Excellent Program. A HUGE improvement over Sync Toy that I've been using for years. Anyone who wants to sync or backup should download and use this program. Many thanks to the developers

Thumbs up Antoine reviewed FreeFileSync:

The best free synchronizer I know. Even a small effort to facilitate the selection of directories and it will be perfect. Thank you very much to all the team for this software that I use every day!

Thumbs up sarlacc reviewed FreeFileSync:

This free sync program is the best! No need for commercial products anymore after discovering this. Been using it for a few months now. Never gonna look back! With each new release speed and features have increased.

Thumbs up jonafc reviewed FreeFileSync:

Used to use MS synctoy but it's so out of date you can see there is no future in it. Looks like sync center is the way to go for MS native but I have Windows 7 Home so I don't have that choice.

Anyway, came across this, judged it on downloads per week and gave it a go. Really impressed, easy to setup and with just a little reading you can get it to do realtime sync with RealTimeSync that comes with it!

Looks like it's maintained well and kept up to date (big plus) and I like the way it can use Windows Shadow Copy for locked files. Great stuff and thanks!

Thumbs up Bob in New Hampshire reviewed FreeFileSync:

I have used a bunch of backup software, some paid and some free. But, Free File Sync is the simplest most straightforward way to back up files. All I did was copy the pertinent directories to a 1.5 TB USB connected drive, then set up a batch file in FFS to run every day at noon and sync the two directories. Like magic it works flawlessly. And, rather than go through some clunky interface to restore something it is a simple as going to the external drive and copying the files back.

Thumbs up Edo Hulsebos reviewed FreeFileSync:

Exactly what I was looking for! Nice program, easy to use interface, works like a breeze!

Thumbs up Ottokar reviewed FreeFileSync:

Best tool for folder synchronization. The different settings for the right and left side are very good. I was looking for a long time for this tool. Thank you for your great work.

Thumbs up iamvii reviewed FreeFileSync:

What an excellent piece of software. Initially deployed as an experiment, has turned into a staple in my toolbox. I have it set up for an hourly mirror sync via Task Scheduler and it has proven itself time and time again. Nearly three million files synced, hourly revisions are kept on another drive and then compressed monthly... this is one beautiful piece of software. Thank you so much.

Thumbs up mradeveci reviewed FreeFileSync:

Great FREE sync software that actually replaced my 'paid' for app. Keep up the great work, thank you! :)

Thumbs up seannn reviewed FreeFileSync:

I created an account just to post my praise to the author. Class A material. DFS Replication with Windows Server was proving to be a nightmare. Deleting files without reason, failing to replicate in both directions, erroring out, just becoming an overall headache.

This solution was not only intuitive to use, easy to integrate, and easy to confirm functionality (The log files are heaven sent - They are concise and to the point yet in depth and serve a purpose), but is extremely powerful with the configurable batch jobs. Kudos to the author, and thank you for providing such an awesome product. :)

Thumbs up ray reviewed FreeFileSync:

This has to be the most useful free tool ever released. I'm a network administrator and when moving file servers, this tool outperformed Robocopy, Symantec, and many many others.

Thumbs up Aiadi reviewed FreeFileSync:

Solid as a rock. Previously only DSynchronise was close in terms of reliability (having tried a whole load of free and paid-for software). Super easy to use and runs flawlessly. The one thing I would wish for is the ability to automate running various configuration profiles or batch files. I,ve done so by creating a .bat file to run all the batches and can't really complain. Thanks to the author for this little gem.

Thumbs up Justin Hoch reviewed FreeFileSync:

Amazing program! I love it and use it everyday. Thank you for such a useful and powerful utility. I couldn't run my photography business without it. I make sure all my important files are backed up and it allows me complete control over what gets copied over and when. It's saved me a number of times. Thanks again.

Thumbs up robbo7877 reviewed FreeFileSync:

Incredibly useful, manages long path names better than anything else we tried including Robocopy.

Thumbs up lawrencedol reviewed FreeFileSync:

FFS is highly capable and very fast. More importantly, it's very reliable: I synchronize about 250K files daily, with typically a few thousand changed and about a 500 MB in size and it has yet to mess up.

I used to use MS's SyncToy, but that name actually characterizes it all: a "toy". SyncToy would frequently get confused and want to move things in the wrong direction or show conflicts which weren't the case (esp. with MS network share drives).

One of FFS's strengths is how well it handles conflicts, though I have occasionally wished it had a one-click-for-the-newest button, it's really easy to select a group of files and right-click to send them left or right.

Also, FFS is orders of magnitude faster than Microsoft's SyncToy for high-latency drives, like WAN drives; synchronizations that would take several hours with SyncToy 2.1 completed in less than 20 minutes using FFS (and that was quite some versions of FSS ago).

The UI is adequate, with some very minor shortcomings, like not being able to reorder the list of directories being synchronized. Overall it's pretty easy to use, though I think filters and the two settings dialogs could be merged into a single concept / dialog. The ability to hook in an external compare tool is excellent, and it works very well with WinMerge to check exactly what is different between particular files.

Thumbs up smeghead77 reviewed FreeFileSync:

An excellent program with several unique features of its own. Can handle some stuff that even some fully commercial products can't.
Zenju is very responsive to queries, active in the help forums and always striving to make it better. What more can we ask? I like it so much I've hit up Paypal and sent him some cash. Well worth it.

Thumbs up Leonardo Dias reviewed FreeFileSync:

It works very well. I sync a whole folder located on my note, including a local *.pst from outlook to flash drive.

Thumbs up magickz reviewed FreeFileSync:

Very cool. Now it helps me to keep folders in sync and backup files from internal and external hard discs, mp3 player and my phone... :-) Many thanks to the developers.

Thumbs up dcamarena reviewed FreeFileSync:

Operation is intuitive and simple while powerful features like mirroring, backup, synchronization, etc. can be done manually and automatically. I've been searching for such a tool for a long time and tried several others. Up to now nothing is comparable to FFS.

Thumbs up Spaz reviewed FreeFileSync:

Great application. A must-use for any file management solution, super rich and easy to use.

Thumbs up GK reviewed FreeFileSync:

Best tool for folder synchronization. Thank you for your work.

Thumbs up Jhshin reviewed FreeFileSync:

A really good program and I will always support you.

Thumbs up Surya Prakash Joshi reviewed FreeFileSync:

Best tool for sync, we can use it on our server for folder backup.

Thumbs up titi74 reviewed FreeFileSync:

Just the tool I dreamed of! Thanks for offering it for free!

Thumbs up J. Pohl reviewed FreeFileSync:

I've been using your tool FreeFileSync for maybe 3 years in a private environment on Windows 7 with some Linux networking and I'm happy with its ease of use and reliability.

There weren't a lot of things that the world was missing, but FFS was one of them. I know companies who sell the same tools very expensively with licenses over 20 pages with more headache for using them. Thank you, best wishes from Hamburg.

Thumbs up Ascend4nt reviewed FreeFileSync:

This has become my favorite file synchronization tool. Even Araxis Merge seems to have lost its appeal. FreeFileSync uses some special undocumented APIs to accelerate folder reads, and it shows! Also, with the ability to use 3rd-party tools like WinMerge or RapidCRC to compare at a click, it's pretty simple to view changes before committing.

Thumbs up martin reviewed FreeFileSync:

Works like a charm. Easy to use. I can't live without it.

Thumbs up karnonlm reviewed FreeFileSync:

The most powerful file synchronization tools I have ever seen. Use it everyday!!

Thumbs up Kero reviewed FreeFileSync:

The best!

Thumbs up oid-2658093 reviewed FreeFileSync:

Pleasantly surprised after trying 4 others, as it supports my Unicode filenames, feels lightweight, and makes the options fairly clear.

Thumbs up Roland reviewed FreeFileSync:

Full stars. I've been working with it for years already. Makes backups very easy and perfectly. Even works over networks. Very good, very reliable.

Thumbs up kaffeinatedneil reviewed FreeFileSync:

Easy to use and works exactly as I need.

Thumbs up pellk reviewed FreeFileSync:

I've tried almost every files and folders synchronisation program available on windows. And FreeFileSync is definitely the best. It's the fastest, the most customisable and the most intuitive one, and above all, it's open source.

Thumbs up chishold reviewed FreeFileSync:

Now that the venerable FileSync has mysteriously stopped working on my PC, I am relieved to find FreeFileSync works well for me in similar ways.

Thumbs up Chris reviewed FreeFileSync:

Works perfectly! I use it to backup files from my Uni-Server... Keeps me up to date every week with one click. =)

Thumbs up mechtengineer reviewed FreeFileSync:

I have tried two other free synchronisation software suites: Synkron (also SourceForge software) and RichCopy (from Microsoft). FreeFileSync is better than both of them for a number of reasons:

1. Intuitive user interface: I setup a multiple folder synchronisation within minutes! The buttons are clear, and if you aren't exactly sure of their function, hovering the mouse over the buttons will reveal clarifying information.

2. Informative: I knew exactly what files were being deleted or updated. The initial "compare" function is MUCH clearer and easier to use than Synkron's "analysis" function. Synkron would give no information about the analysis while it was occurring, so you don't know what progress it is making. FreeFileSync lets you know how the comparison is going, and gives a very handy graph to show progress, including file transfer rates, etc...

3. Stable: I have not yet had FreeFileSync crash on me. RichCopy and Synkron have both crashed, and Synkron tends to freeze the system.

4. Efficient: Synkron writes the synchronisation files to a backup file for some reason which I could not disable in the settings. This both slows the system down, but also uses up a significant amount of hard drive memory over time, since these files are not deleted. Quite simply the best free synchronisation software I have ever used!

Thumbs up space0ctopus reviewed FreeFileSync:

SO awesome. There's so much I could say about this indispensable program, but I'll just tell you now that the amount of options and different types of sync methods will ensure you are able to do what you need, as well as the ability to save your sync configurations for certain sync jobs, so that you can easily do them in the future.

Great UI, please don't change it, because too many people are ruining their software these days with some new crap that renders their software useless, literally making it impossible to do anything. Keep up the GREAT work, developers, you really know what you're doing <3 You rock mah socks! ^_^

Thumbs up Mahinder Nath reviewed FreeFileSync:

I have been using FreeFileSync for the last one year and have been a very happy user. It is easy to install and very easy to configure and use. I would recommend FreeFileSync usage.

Thumbs up Hervé Guillain reviewed FreeFileSync:

I use FreeFileSync for months and I am very happy with this software. Thank you and congratulations to those who developed it, improve it and update it regularly.

Thumbs up oid-2864505 reviewed FreeFileSync:

Flexible. Does what it's supposed to do well. I switched from SyncBack (free version) to FreeFileSync because it handles a few important things better, e.g. copying locked files, more powerful filters.

Thumbs up VendeeClown reviewed FreeFileSync:

Since I am a backup paranoiac because I have lost data several times, I want something that is quick and painless. This is super easy to use. It also, since it does not give me an error message, copies all the files that a windows copy and paste would not copy because the file names are too long or they are organized in too many sub-folders (what a hassle that is, but that is another windows problem). Have I confirmed this by testing and verify copying? No. It is easy enough to do, but I am way too busy.
Just like people believe in their country and a God, I believe in FreeFileSync. The best part is that you are not spammed with advert pop ups or anything like with other freeware. Thank you so much FreeFileSync!

Thumbs up cadbloke reviewed FreeFileSync:

Awesome. Much more versatile than SyncToy. I love the fine-grained control and also the option to preserve deletions. I use it on a couple of identical external HDDs for off-site backups. Different drive letters? No problem, just copy the XML config file and change the drive letter. Save. Run. Done.

Thumbs up hawktroy reviewed FreeFileSync:

Awesome program to sync files! It has extended features and allows quite some customization. Batch mode allows custom automation from command line (without missing features), which is very helpful for me.

Thumbs up srjones67 reviewed FreeFileSync:

A GREAT piece of software that rivals other expensive software. Very versatile and always expanding. The developer is very helpful and responsive. Couldn't live without FreeFileSync!

Thumbs up Jethro reviewed FreeFileSync:

I love this application. It is simple to setup and use and extremely useful. Have used it for moving files server to server, backing up my documents, and even keeping my ISO directory in multiple places.

Thumbs up jslopezg reviewed FreeFileSync:

Excellent and portable. It's my favorite solution to sync my devices and make backups. Useful options and intuitive interface. I just have created this account to say thanks to the author.

Thumbs up jmj288 reviewed FreeFileSync:

Kick ass on both Linux and Windows: definitely a top-100 open source project! Much appreciation to the developer for this great app! :)

Thumbs up Elvedin Hamzagic reviewed FreeFileSync:

Very reliable application. It has everything you need for local files synchronization. I'm looking forward for google drive and ftp support.

Thumbs up coogrrr reviewed FreeFileSync:

I am a 20yr IT vet (really!) I do minor programming and I have had the need for a feature rich program that will get the files from A to B without issue and save security information. FFS is simply the best in the market hands down. The fact that it is free totally blows me away!

Since my initial review we have come to use this product in our daily processing. The fact that the developer truly listens and incorporates good effective additions as well as continuing to improve the product puts him ahead of even larger software houses. Please keep up the good work and look for our donation! James Lee Outsource Technologies Inc.

Thumbs up biscuite reviewed FreeFileSync:

Best file sync tool especially for a mirror data backup. It would be nice to have an online mirror backup.

Thumbs up Vlad reviewed FreeFileSync:

We use this app in our 2-man team to keep Dropbox and several PCs in sync. No issues whatsoever. Highly recommend.

Thumbs up wolssiloa reviewed FreeFileSync:

I love this program. It's the best file syncher out there and the fact it is open source makes it better. Now with a x64 version it is superior to anything else out there.

Thumbs up drujo reviewed FreeFileSync:

I'm using this tool for quite some years now. It's better than all the others I've tried before, and in addition it's completely free! Thanks a lot for your splendid work!

Thumbs up chrispublic123 reviewed FreeFileSync:

Works great and it's free. I have mine set to automatically run every day at 4:00 PM on my Mac OS X.

Thumbs up JohnB in Atlanta reviewed FreeFileSync:

This is the best file synchronization program that I've found. It is fast, stable, and has the right features without being bloated.
The author has done a lot of careful thinking about how the program should work from the user's perspective, and (more importantly) how it works under the covers.

Thumbs up Paari reviewed FreeFileSync:

I tried many backup software before FreeFileSync. Let me tell you, this is the most user friendly backup software I have seen. I have been using this for the past 2 years and found it very useful.

Thumbs up rodob reviewed FreeFileSync:

Best of all!!! No doubt, forget Synctoy. Now 5 years using it on Windows without trouble.

Thumbs up Kris N reviewed FreeFileSync:

By far the best and most flexible file sync software I have come across. Allows for customization. The only software I know that allows you to only sync files that exist already in both source and destination folders. This feature comes in handy to do versioning.

Thumbs up George ALEFantes reviewed FreeFileSync:

I have worked with Vice Versa and FreeFileSync. There is no comparison. FreeFileSync is one of finest and most important applications ever written. It works perfectly and handles a critically important computer task that too few people do. Vice Versa had at least one fatal flaw that was insurmountable: If folders had to be created on the destination side, they were created in all lower-case, regardless of the case of the source side. Consequently, the subsequent compare always failed. Their tech support was supposedly unaware of the problem, could not resolve it, and eventually avoided further contact. FreeFileSync is as good as it gets.