FreeFileSync - Open Source File Synchronization
FreeFileSync - Open Source File Synchronization
Open Source File Synchronization

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FreeFileSync strives to provide high-quality software with zero open bugs. This is achieved by fast release cycles and free 24/7 support for everyone.
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Latest Changes


FreeFileSync 7.5 [2015-10-01]
Detect moved files on source even for targets with no (SFTP) or unstable (FAT) file id support
Improved performance for detection of moved files by over 50%
Added folder picker to select SFTP paths
Support additional SFTP ciphers by building upon OpenSSL backend
Added 10-seconds time out when SFTP command is hanging indefinitely
Work around unexpected SFTP session termination on Synology servers
Fixed various libssh2 and OpenSSL memory leaks
Fixed FreeFileSync taskbar link reuse (Windows 7)
Avoid last error code being overwritten by certain C runtimes before evaluation
Run online update check asynchronously (Windows)
Check source item existence before cleaning target during versioning (Linux, OS X)
Check folder recursion limit to catch stack overflows
Doubled potential folder traversal recursion depth (Windows)
Consider child elements of excluded folders during database clean up